Pandolfaccia is an amateur cultural and sports association based in Fano (PU) dedicated to the medieval historical re-enactment of the late 14th century. In historical events and festivals, the group recalls the deeds of a company of fortune in the pay of the leader and lord of Fano, Pandolfo III Malatesta (1370-1427); set up a military camp, in which sections of medieval life are recreated; tells anecdotes and traditions of medieval life; stages shows and demonstrations involving courts, armed men, flag-wavers, musicians and fire eaters. Born in 1985 by some inhabitants of the “Madonna del Ponte” district of Fano and supported by the then parish priest Don Gualfardo, Pandolfaccia has always been characterized by the inclusion character towards all the realities of the city; especially at a social level, for the free of charge of all courses and the willingness to welcome, among its members, anyone who wants to participate in the training meetings and group outings. Even today the group has remained faithful to this social spirit, being able to boast of being one of the very few associations to support its members’ activities in the gym, fully covering its expenses. In addition to the skill of each individual subgroup, a great strength of Pandolfaccia is the ability to exhibit shows that involve all the groups that make it up: the possibility of seeing fights together, flag waving shows and the suggestion of fire to create a final product always full of emotions. All this finds its maximum expression in some of the group’s flagship shows, which have been staged in recent years. Among the latter, we mention the “Regina Rosae”, “The last of the Templars” and as the latest production of the “Orpheus and Eurydice” Flag Theater.